Testamentary Will and Living Will Why You Need Both

living will trust testamentary will

By John Zollo A Will is not something you think about having every day. However, both a living will and a testamentary will are two essential documents every adult should have. Understanding the difference between the two and the value each possess is arguably one of the most necessary priorities one must have for both


Delicious Treats Allergy-Free Recipes


Last week we brought you some food fighting knowledge… This weeks Tyler & Maddens Food Fight segment is all about surprising your family with delicious Allergy-free treats. We consulted with local bakers and searched for experts online to give you a collection Allergy-Free recipes that are both delicious and easy to make. These sweets are so tasty,


The Truth Behind the Zika Virus Debate

zika virus debate congress senate

Getting to The Truth Behind the Zika Debate in Congress Op-ed Written by: Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-01) With the recent outbreak of the mosquito borne Zika virus, which has spread at rapid rates across South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and has now entered the United States, there is an urgent need to provide


Farm-to-Table Goes Digital in Smithtown

Choose from over 400 of the freshest local produce and groceries online at OurHarvest.com and pick up your order in Smithtown. Photos courtesy of OurHarvest

OurHarvest Brings Farm-to-Table Fresh Food to Smithtown, Benefits the Lighthouse Mission The farmer in the Dell has gone digital! Smithtown residents have the option of shopping online for locally grown, organic produce, grass fed meat, fresh seafood and pantry items, all for less. The online farm-to-table market, OurHarvest, has expanded to Smithtown. Residents can shop


Lightning Safety Tips & First Aid

lightning safety

As we endure another long weekend of sweltering heat and humidity, weather forecasts are calling for the most dangerous of weather patterns to pass through Long Island today and tomorrow. With the mid-week tornado touching down in Mattituck and severe lightning storms all across Suffolk County, the time to take precautionary measures is now. As


Spotlight on Brad Harris Town Historian

brad harris Smithtown

Brad Harris – Town Historian, Educator, Politician, Activist and More By Maureen Rossi Brad Harris is a familiar name around the hamlet of Smithtown.  His notoriety has been well-earned, Harris is the official Town Historian and has been for decades. He arrived for his Interview with the Smithtown Today relaxed in a Hawaiian shirt with


New Principals for Smithtown East & Nesaquake

Smithtown Central School District

Smithtown students at High School East and Nesaquake will meet new principals in September. The School district has appointed Dr. Kevin Simmons as principal of Smithtown High School East and Daniel McCabe as principal of Nesaquake Middle School. Prior to his new appointment, Dr. Kevin Simmons held the same office at Nesaquake from 2008 to


The Peanut Patch – A New Food Allergy Treatment

peanut patch viaskin peanut

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study in 2013, stating that the number of reported food allergies among children (between 1997- 2011) has increased by approximately 50%. Even worse, there is no factual evidence or clear reason as to why. While cutting edge research and food studies are paving the way to


Smithtown Celebrates International Homeless Animals Day

international homeless animals day

Celebrate Homeless Animals Day at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. Help pay tribute to the millions of homeless animals or take a chance on a new best pal. On Saturday August 20th, starting at 10:45 AM, the Smithtown Animal Shelter will host a day of fun filled activities to help raise awareness in our community and


Nesconset Summer Concert Series Unplugged

nesconset summer concert series

Why The Nesconset Summer Concert Series is More than just Free Music Music fans from all over long island come out to enjoy the summer concert series at the Nesconset Gazebo. But it’s much more than a free concert. Showstopping renditions of our National Anthem, are performed each Tuesday by Smithtown Students like Leighann Guardino.