Crosswalk Completed to Help Students Walk Safely

Councilwoman Lisa Inzerillo and the student council of the Kings Park Central School District, with help from Superintendent of Highways Robert Murphy, Superintendent of the KPCSD Timothy Eagen and RJO Intermediate School Principal Rudy Massimo, were able to successfully construct a crosswalk in front of a Kings Park school, solving an issue that was raised about pedestrian safety. Eagen, Massimo and the students were concerned about those who cross Old Dock Road each day, according to Inzerillo. After a meeting in April of this year, she began working with other town officials to ensure the safety of students, staff, parents, and community members through this project.

Mitch Crowely, Traffic Safety Director of the Town of Smithtown, and the Suffolk County Fourth Precinct completed a traffic study, both of which agreed that a crosswalk was warranted and would support the safety of the community. Crowely and the members of the traffic department worked throughout the summer to get this crosswalk project completed. It also includes handicap ramps and a rapid flashing beacon so pedestrians can cross while avoiding traffic.

“I congratulate everyone’s collaboration in order to complete this project before the first day of school.,” Inzerillo said.

Parents and Staff at RJO now have a crosswalk to walk safely across to get to their parked cars along Old Dock Rd and students can cross safely when walking to religion classes at St. Joseph’s Church.

Inzerillo would like to thank “the Student Council of KPCSD, Superintendent Eagen, Principal Massimo, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Crowely and the staff at the Town Smithtown Traffic Department for supporting this project to support the safety of our Kings Park community.”


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