Habitat for Humanity Raises Family’s First Wall

habitat for humanity of Suffolk new home

Diana and William Jaramillo Marquez and their daughter Angee joined with elected officials, Volunteers from Island Outreach Foundation and members of the Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk chapter, to raise the first walls of their newly constructed Habitat home. Photos courtesy of Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk

Volunteers from all over Suffolk County came together on Wednesday to help raise the first walls on what will be the future home for one Long Island family. On April 27, 2016 the Jaramillo-Marquez family came together with Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk and Volunteers to hammer and nail the dawning of their new Bellport home.  

habitat for humanity suffolk new bellport homeThe beginnings of the Jaramillo-Marquez home was made possible thanks to one of Habitat Suffolk’s major sponsors, Island Outreach Foundation. Brookhaven town representative Frank Petrignani and Legislator Kate Browning were on hand to help, in addition to Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk Board members; Marian Conway and Ray Homburger, Executive Director and CEO Diane Burke.

About Island Outreach Foundation

Island Outreach Foundation is a private non-profit organization designed to assist other non-profits, hospitals, charitable research programs and other entities, helping the community, throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. The foundation focuses on groups that provide education, environmental protection, health care, quality of life and other general necessities within the community. Island Outreach has assisted organizations like Island Harvest food bank, Stony Brook foundation, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, VIBS domestic abuse and sexual assault crisis center and the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in addition to being a major sponsor for Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk.  

About Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk

Founded in 1988, Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk has worked in collaboration and with the help of Volunteers and low income families, to build and renovate homes in good neighborhoods for these families to live and grow old in. The independently operated affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International has granted hundreds of Long Island families with the ability to achieve their dream homes through affordable homeownership programs.  Habitat Suffolk’s mission to build 10-12 homes a year is  made possible through charitable donations, online programs and the generosity of volunteer builders.  To get involved, visit one of the 53 Habitat affiliates throughout the state, or visit Habitat of Suffolk online.

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