Smithtown Celebrates International Homeless Animals Day

international homeless animals day

August 20th is International Homeless Animals Day Visit Smithtown Animal Shelter starting at 10:45 AM

Celebrate Homeless Animals Day at the Smithtown Animal Shelter. Help pay tribute to the millions of homeless animals or take a chance on a new best pal. On Saturday August 20th, starting at 10:45 AM, the Smithtown Animal Shelter will host a day of fun filled activities to help raise awareness in our community and dish out a little TLC for the shelter animals.

Pastor Kathleen Kufs, will conduct a blessing of the animals at 11 am. Beginning at 1:30 PM meet and learn from Dog Behaviorist and expert, Peter Borchelt, PHD, CAAB. Hear expert tips on positive training methods from The Dog Chick, Trainer Charlene Sorrentino, who is speaking at 3 PM. Get there early to reserve your spot from 4 PM – 6 PM with renowned Pet Psychic Jim Farigano. The STAR Foundation wildlife rescuers, will also be on hand all day.

Founded in 1992, International Homeless Animals Day takes place on the third Saturday in August, across the world. What began as a candlelight vigil, has now evolved into a day of events celebrated across 50 states, the District of Columbia and on six Continents, Worldwide. The importance of these events, is to raise awareness to the overpopulation of homeless animals, overcrowded shelters, senseless euthanasia and to bring about a better way of life for these innocent creatures.

Education and funding regarding the need for spay and neuter programs, putting a stop to illegal and inhumane puppy mills can help to contribute to a solution. The International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) offer event coordinating packages for concerned organizations who wish to help end this epidemic. They offer suggestions and event packets for approved groups looking to arrange a special Homeless Animals Day event. Events include adopt-a-thons, spay/neuter clinics, microchip clinics, dog walks, open houses and other great fundraising ideas.

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