In the kNOw Annual Seminar for Parents

in the kNOw seminar
In the kNOw Annual Education Presentation on The Effects of Drugs of Abuse on the Teen Brain Presented by Dr. Stephen L. Dewey, Ph.D.

This Thursday, the Kings Park School district in conjunction with Kings Park’s revered anti-addiction coalition, In the kNOw will host a special presentation featuring Dr. Stephen L. Dewey, Ph. D. On Thursday, September 28th from 7 PM to 8:30 PM join Dr. Dewey for an updated look into the human brain and the effects of addictions ranging from drugs & alcohol to digital addictions. This is one of the most educational presentations hosted within the community year round. The annual presentation will be held at  Wm. T. Rogers Middle School in Kings Park.

We are currently losing an entire generation to addiction. Presently, we are in the midst of an opiate epidemic.  Street drugs are being mass-produced and sold here in our quaint hometown, just as it is throughout the globe.  The only way to protect your own children and family is through education and awareness. This effective presentation is strictly non-judgmental, based on science and covers a wide range of addiction factors.

  • The Brain on Drugs: How alcohol and drug use affect the developing adolescent and adult brain.
  • A range of drugs of abuse; including illicit drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, energy drinks, vaping and caffeine.
  • Real PET images (CT Scans) are shown and discussed.
  • Presentation empowers parents with the knowledge and confidence to guide their children through the adolescent and teen years.  Format is non-judgmental and is based on objective scientific data.
Other resources available this evening will be:

Operation Medicine Cabinet: The Suffolk County Police Department will be on to properly dispose of  any unused or expired prescription medication at home.  Please do not bring syringes, auto-injectors or liquids.  All Medications should be placed in a Ziploc or a plastic resealable bag for collection.

Outreach House: The largest adolescents residential treatment provider on Long Island, which also specializes in helping parents affected by their child’s use.  

OPIOID OVERDOSE REVERSAL TRAINING by Well Life Network:  A representative will be on hand to give one-on-one instruction on administering Naloxone, or Narcan.  After the training, you will receive a FREE Naloxone kit containing 2 doses.  

In addition, the Kings Park in the kNOw resource table will be available loaded with various information, guides etc. Smithtown Today would urge all parents to attend this must-see experience for anyone raising children in today’s world.   

Child care will be provided for those parents who would like to listen or participate.

Wm. T. Rogers Middle School is located at 97 Old Dock Road in Kings Park

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