Lawzie Marigold Foundation Awards Annual Scholarship

Lawzie Marigold Foundation

From the left: Victoria Tiranno, Felicia Baruch and 2017 annual scholarship recipient Jessica Kruszewski
Photos courtesy of The Lawzie Marigold Foundation

The Lawzie Marigold Foundation has awarded its second annual scholarship to Smithtown High School West graduating senior, Jessica Kruszewski. The foundation was originally established last year, by the Baruch family and a group of friends who wanted to honor Lauren Baruch in a way that represented her spirit and nature.  Lauren Baruch graduated from Smithtown High School West in 2009 and went on to pursue a career in helping others using her education in public relations. Baruch was tragically taken from this world in the devastating Cutchogue Limousine accident, on July 18, 2015. The accident that shook our community, also claimed the lives of  Stephanie Belli, Brittney Schulman and Amy Grabina.

lawzie_marigold2“On behalf of the Baruch Family and The Lawzie Marigold Foundation we would like to say thank you to all our supporters for your continued support of the Lawzie Marigold Foundation… Congratulations to Jessica Kruszewski, the recipient of the 2nd annual Lawzie Marigold Scholarship! We wish Jessica much success at Marist along with her future endeavors.We would also like to extend our congratulations and much success, to the graduating class of 2017 at both Smithtown High Schools.” – Felicia Baruch

The first scholarship recipient, Ms. Victoria Tiranno presented the Scholarship to Jessica, with Mrs. Baruch during the Annual Scholarship Award Night ceremony. Lauren’s mother, Felicia Baruch hand picks the scholarship recipient each year, who exhibits the same philanthropic nature, principles and passions as her daughter.

About the recipient

Jessica Kruszewski is a senior at Smithtown High School West who will go on to attend Marist College in the fall. Kruszewski’s GPA was among the highest top ten percent of her graduating class. Jessica’s high school career includes numerous achievements and activities throughout organizations such as  DECA, Business, Spanish, Math, Social Studies and National Honor Societies. She is an avid athlete, on multiple sports teams and volunteers on her spare time within the community.  

About The Lawzie Marigold Foundation

Lawzie Marigold is a name that Lauren Baruch came up with for herself for a grade school project at the age of ten. By the time she was 13 it became her Alias and now the name of the Foundation.

The Lawzie Marigold Foundation was founded March 2016 as a Not For Profit Organization in honor Lauren Baruch. A Smithtown resident, whose life was tragically taken from us along with Stephanie Belli, Brittany Schulman and Amy Grabina, in the Cutchogue Limousine crash, on July 18th, 2015. In the months to follow, the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, the community, as well as total strangers was a true testament as to who Lauren was. That’s when Mrs. Baruch realized Lauren would continue her mission.

The Lawzie Marigold Foundation was founded to celebrate the life, charitable spirit and preserve the memory of Lauren Baruch. Every School year, the foundation works to provide a scholarship in Lauren’s memory to female seniors, graduating from high school who shares Lauren’s principles and passions.

To support or learn more about the Lawzie Marigold Foundation, visit the Facebook page or website online at

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