Leslie Kennedy and Suffolk Legislature Honor Medical Crisis Action Team


In 2008, Dr. Scott Coyne, chief surgeon and medical director of the Suffolk County Police Department, created the Medical Crisis Action Team (MedCAT). This team of 28 police officers is trained in Adavanced Life Support (ALS) at the paramedic or EMT ciritical care level. The officers can start IVs, perform intubation, administer medication and other advanced life support care. The Team is on call 24/7, and having them respond to a call can often save a life. The team is also comprised of five physicians who have specialized tactical training.

This group was honored by Legislator Leslie Kennedy (R-Nesconset) and the whole Legislature last Tuesday at their General Meeting. Having previously been honored at the national level with the 2017 National Officers Safety presented by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund and the US Department of Justice Valor Initiative, it was time that they were honored locally.

Legislator Leslie Kennedy with Dr. Scott Coyne and Police Officer LaFemina

Legislator Leslie Kennedy with Dr. Scott Coyne and Police Officer LaFemina

“Dr. Coyne and his Medical Crisis Action Team are life-savers. Many of our residents have MedCAT to thank for their life,” said Legislator Kennedy “The innovative way they bring together life saving medcial techniques and effective police tactics is a point of pride for our Police Department and our County.”

The MedCAT is also trained to operate as a Medical Swat Team for high risk situations such as an active shooter or terrorist situation; they can provide care under fire to police officers and civilians and can handle chemical, biological, and Radiation attacks.

For more information on the program, call (631)-854-3735.

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