Wehrheim Defeats 40 Year Incumbent

Ed Wehrheim Wins Smithtown Supervisor Republican Primary

In an unofficial announcement made after counting some 373 Absentee Ballots, current Town Councilman Ed Wehrheim has been declared the victor in the Republican Primary, against 40 year incumbent Patrick R. Vecchio. After learning the final count, declaring him the winner of the Republican Primary by 82 votes, Wehrheim issued the following statement.

“We knew we were up against a tough race, as it is no easy feat running against a 40 year incumbent who is undoubtedly going to go down in history books as one of Smithtown’s revered leaders.

This is a tremendous moment in time for Smithtown. We went into this Primary with a plan and a platform that was solely based on listening to the needs of every resident that would sit and talk with us. Government at a local level belongs to the people, regardless of political affiliation. I believe our message of all-inclusive governing resonated with voters. The people of Smithtown chose to be a part of our town’s new beginning and I am honored to have their support thus far. I want to thank all our volunteers and supporters, who made this victory possible, my incredible family and the entire voter public.

We will continue our mission, in speaking with residents, small business owners and the people who allow our town to operate on a daily basis over the next month, and we will embrace all ideas, suggestions and methods that will restore efficiency, help small business to flourish and give our residents a voice in the path to Smithtown’s shining future.”  

-Ed Wehrheim, Current Town Councilman and Candidate for Town Supervisor (Republican, Conservative and Independence lines)

Now Mr. Wehrheim moves forward against Democrat candidate, William Holst and Ms. Kristen Slevin who is running without party affiliation.  When asked about his opponents, Mr. Wehrheim said he was pleased to run alongside two intelligent and dedicated residents.

“Both Ms. Slevin and Mr. Holst have done their due diligence. They devote all of their spare time to finding ways to better improve the community. We all want the same thing for Smithtown… to see our community thrive again, without changing it’s quaint charm. I couldn’t ask for more respected opponents.” – Ed Wehrheim

Wehrheim states that he will continue to campaign on message, of an all-inclusive government that belongs to the people of Smithtown. His platform addresses everything from major environmental concerns such as our water quality, to combating the drug and gang epidemic, smart growth initiatives, the student enrollment decline, downtown revitalization and modernizing fiscal management to keep taxes low. He plans to extend invitations to all candidates running on all party (and non-party) lines for events, intended to raise voter awareness and increase turnout for this years general election.

Note: The unofficial results will be made official within the next three days or so. Official tallies will be made public by the Board of Elections.  

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